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Designed with the athlete in mind, our sports tape provides the ultimate support and compression for your muscles and joints. Made from durable materials, our tape will keep you protected during training and competitions, so you can focus on pushing yourself to the next level. Whether you’re a basketball player, boxer, or participate in any other sport, our athletic tape is the perfect addition to your routine. Don’t let injuries hold you back, choose Samsons Athletic Tape and keep on winning!

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Elevate Performance and Recovery with Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape, often referred to as “k-tape, muscle tape, kinesio tape, or kt-tape” is a flexible and elastic adhesive tape designed to provide support and relief for muscles, joints, and ligaments. This colorful and breathable tape is widely used in sports and rehabilitation to reduce pain, improve circulation, and enhance performance. Its unique design mimics the elasticity of human skin, allowing for a wide range of motion while offering support and stability. Kinesiology tape is a popular choice for athletes and individuals seeking non-invasive solutions to manage pain, reduce swelling, and aid in the recovery of various injuries.

Sports tapes not only prevent injuries but also elevate your game through the power of support and performance.


Stretchable, which allows it to move with the body and provide support without restricting movement.


Designed to stick to the skin, which helps it stay in place during physical activity.


Made from a lightweight, breathable material that allows the skin to breathe and prevents sweating and irritation.


Resistant to water and sweat, which makes it suitable for use during outdoor activities or in humid environments.


Intended to stay in place for several days, depending on the type of tape and the activity level of the user.

Pain relief

Believed to help reduce pain and inflammation by lifting the skin away from the muscles and tendons, which can help improve circulation and reduce pressure on the affected area.

Easy to apply

Can be cut into different shapes and sizes to fit the specific needs of the user.

Battle tested for any sport.

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